Since 1974 our school has had an active Parents’ Association. A committee is elected every two years. The committee is made up of parents and teachers and is called The Parent Teacher Association or PTA for short.

PTA Committee 2021/2023

Junior Infants: Mary Farrelly and Karen Garton

Senior Infants: Evelyn Brophy and Tommy Sheeran

First Class: Carolann Lowndes and Mairéad Scally

Second Class: Cleo Dunne and Emer O’Rourke

Third Class: Orla Canton and Declan Kilmurray

Fourth Class: Mark McLachlan and David Walsh

Fifth Class: Gwynn Rogers and Craig Slattery

Sixth Class: Pauline Gallagher and Sandra Smyth


At the first meeting of the PTA committee, the following officers were elected:

Chairperson: Cleo Dunne

Vice Chairperson: Craig Slattery

Secretary: Sandra Smyth

Assistant Secretary: Mairéad Scally